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LiteBlue Login! It is the part of USPS employee management program. login is the biggest postal service in the United States and operates across the country.

It employs more than half a million people. When there is such a huge employee base, effective employee management becomes imperative.

To its employees, LiteBlue is one of the most important facility tools offered by the organization. It gives them access to their schedule, pay stub, benefits, and a lot more. LiteBlue also lets the employees update their personal information.

LiteBlue Login

Here, we will learn about how to log in to the account and features and benefits of Keep reading!

LiteBlue: What Do You Need?

If you want to log in your LiteBlue account than you will need your worker ID and a password.

You are assigned an employee ID once you join USPS. On the top of your payment slip, you can find the employee ID. If you are not sure about this then please contact your supervisor or head of your team.

You are also given a password for SSP login (more on it later), which you can use to access LiteBlue portal as well. In case you haven’t received the password, you can create one at

liteblue login

LiteBlue.Usps.Gov Login Guide

Once you have obtained your employee ID and created the login password, logging into your LiteBlue account becomes easy. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Open any web browser on your mobile or PC and go to
    2. Enter the Employee ID in the appropriate field.
    3. Enter your login password.
    4. Now click on “Log On“.

LiteBlue USPS login: It is as simple as that! Now you can access your USPS account without any hassles.

Note: Please try to access this website only if you have been authorized to do so. It’s not your private property it is the property of the US Government. So, Be aware.

What If I Forgot The Liteblue Account Password?

If you happen to be a new recruit at USPS but have obtained the employee ID, you will need to create a password to log in to the LiteBlue account.
As a current worker in LiteBlue who has already confirmed the password but has forgotten it, He/She also have to change the password or reset the password to take access to his/her USPS LiteBlue account.


Let’s learn how to reset the password:

The process for creating a new password or resetting an existing one is much the same. But before we get into password reset process, it would be important to know a bit about SSP.

It stands for Self-Service Profile which is available on a completely different portal. SSP offers many self-service tools and USPS Lite Blue is one of it.

The only portal by which you can change and reset your LiteBlue USPS password is SSP portal. You can also update your personal information including email, contact number, mailing address and more.

Your SSP password is used for logging into LiteBlue as well as other services.

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