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LiteBlue USPS

Welcome to the world of LiteBlue USPS (United States Postal Service). It is the most popular service in all over the world. If you want to know anything related to this service so, in this content, you will get everything.

The only work is to follow the given guidance that is mentioned below.

How to create the account on LiteBlue USPS?

If you want to create an account on LiteBlue USPS but the issue is that you don’t know that how to signup? So don’t be panic because it is very easy to use, just scroll down and get all the instructions that are related to it.

You just need to fill the required box and move on.

  • In the first step, you have to select your language preference from the given options.
  • Then you have to create your “Username” in the given requirement box.
  • After that step, you must have to build your LiteBlue USPS account’s “Password” on the given bar. ( Your account’s password must be consist of strong characters, this guidance is just only for your account safety).
  • Now you must have to follow the verification step by re-typing the “Password“.
  • After scrolling down you will see some choices that are related to the “Security Questions“. There are two options and you have to select both of them and answer them in the given requirement box.
  • In the last step, re-enter that answers for the verification of your account.
  • Once you have done all these steps, so you will see two options for “Personal Account” and “Business Account” but you just need to choose any one of them.

For Login steps follow this guide: Liteblue Login Guide

Contact Information

After filling these requirement boxes it will ask you for your contact information. Read them and fill them.

  • In the first option select your “Name Title” and go on.
  • Then mention your “Email Address” in the given section.
  • Re-type your “Email Address” to complete the confirmation process.
  • After that mention your very “First Name“.
  • In the next box, type your “M.I Number” and continue.
  • Now type your very “Last Name” in the given section.
  • From the given choices, you have to choose your “Suffix“.
  • Then you will see the option of “U.S” and “Internation” from which you need to select any one.
  • Provide us your “Mobile Phone Number” in the given section.

Business Address and Information

Now give us your every business address and information in the requirement box.

  • First of all, select your “Country” from the given choices.
  • Mention your “Company Name” and continue.
  • In the other step, you need to type your “Street Address“.
  • Now write your “Apt/Suite/Other” in the box.
  • After that step mention your “City” in the given requirement box.
  • Then choose your “State” from the given options.
  • The last step is to type your “Zip Code” and scroll down.
  • Once you have done all these steps you just need to click on the given icon of “Verify Address“.

How to Sign in with your LiteBlue USPS account?

If you have an account on LiteBlue USPS, so it is very easy to log in to your account. Just follow the following steps that are given below.

  • First, mention your “Username” in the given requirement box.
  • Now you have to mention your LiteBlue USPS account’s “Password“.
  • After filling both requirements just click on the option of “Sign in“.

How to reset LiteBlue USPS account password?

  • Continue with the web page of “LiteBlue USPS“.
  • Now click on the icon of “Sign in” that is placed in the top right-hand corner of your page.
  • Then click on the given lick of “I Forgot my Password” and go on.
  • Here you have to mention your “Username“.
  • Click on the icon of “Continue“.

Note: If you click on “Enter” button rather than clicking on the button of “Continue“, so it will rebind you to the home page instead of demanding you to explain your secret question.

Choose the given options of how you want to recover your password?
By answering formerly chosen security questions.

By having a provisional password sent to your approved mobile phone number (applicable only if you have opted-in for this arrangement).

In case if you determined to explain the security questions:
Mention the explanation to your security question. (Also case conscious.) Once accurately answered, an interim password will be sent to your provided Email Address.

  • Once you have to get your new password, please go to LiteBlue USPS web page and sign in.
  • When you sign in, so you will be convinced to build a new password.
  • Note: Consumers can now copy and paste the interim password from the email to the Temporary Password section. LiteBlue USPS will avoid the extra space that may arrive before and/or after the duplicated text.

If you determined to have your interim password sent to your mobile phone number:

A temporary password (Account Readjustment Code) will be sent to you via text message. After mentioning that verification code into LiteBlue USPS web page, you will be convinced to build a new password.

How to Redirect a Package?

Changing a Package’s Destination

If a package has not been deposited or discharged for delivery, you can be rebound it to the dealer, send it to a Post Office to be held for pickup, or lead it to another private address.

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